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I hope I can help someone, who is going through a hard time, or who is making a difficult decision. Please do not be so strict, my English is not the best. It would be nice, if you would give me a feedback.

Everyday you make decisions, a lot of small ones like „Should I drink Cola, or water?“, but also bigger ones like „What do I want to do with my life?“. I think in the first case you know the answer. It seems so obvious, that water is better for your health. But it is obvious to, that Cola is the more tasty decision. On a short term, Cola is the better decision. When you want a good long term decision, drink the water, but if you do not care about the future, drink what ever you want to drink in this moment. Most decisions, are between shortterm and longterm.

What I said untill now, sounds easy do you agree with it?  But, we are all paradox, if we were not we would be perfect and perfection does not exist. No one thinks completely left or completely right, no ones thoughts are only black or white. (Even if you are depressed, there is something, that makes you reading this text.) Without imperfections we would not exist. So the first thing you have to accept, is you and everyone else, are imperfect.

So if everything is imperfect, the logical conclusion is that; no matter how long your pro-contra-list will be, no matter how long you overthink something in your head. Your decisions will never be perfect. If you want to be able to decide anything, you have to accept that. So you should not search for perfection, you should search for happiness. You also have to accept other decisions. Everyone is responsible for himself and his decicions.

What means that for you, as an individual human beeing? There is no perfect opinion, which is fitting for everyone, especially extreme opinions aren’t always helping you. Exspecially, extreme opinions are not beneficial. So, you have to think by yourself. The more individual you are, the more you have to think. No one knows you and your situation better, than yourself. So, the best decisionmaker for yourself is you. Finding a solution alone maybe is more difficult, but now the solution fits the best for you. Never forget, that you are responsible for how you deal with your problems.

Life seems unfair, but you do not know for sure, so do not act like you would know it. You make your own decisions and you are responsible for every little decision you have made and for that decisions you will make. If you understand that, you can have a happy life.  Believe in yourself and not in others opinions, they will not bring you far.

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope it was helpful for you:).
I would be thankful for feedback:).